• Mini Blue


      ‘Mini Blue’ Soft Pastel 9 x 12 inches Framed total size 12 x 15″ This little succulent on a magenta background is small enough to fit most anywhere and Is framed in white.

    • Seahorse


      ‘Seahorse’ Colored Pencil 9 x 12 inches Framed in open glass total size 15 x 21″ Seahorse is an anamorphic image that is best viewed from the left for effect.  Sanwiched between two pieces of glass, it will create a wonderful shadow wherever you hang it.

    • Succulent Garden


      ‘Succulent Garden’ Colored Pencil 12 x 19 inches Framed total size 20 x 26″ Succulent Garden is an anamorphic image – which means it’s meant to be viewed from an angle.  Can be hung either vertically or horizontally for a fun effect.  The painting itself is framed between glass with…

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